gen-i conference

Interior space design

The brief

To provide an adaptable identity for a 2 day conference for the sales force of a communications technology & solutions company. The identity worked across pre-event communications, every touchpoint during the event and lasted for any engagement for the following year.

The identity that was based around the idea of being one team, working together and inspiring the sales force for the year ahead.

Based around Gen-i’s brand colours, the identity is bold, adaptable and playful.


Produced at Switch


The company needed a site to provide information to attendees and get them excited. In order to be adaptable and easily updated and to monitor engagement, we designed a tumblr site that could be filtered to different requirements: registration & information and programme details.

Event Wayfinding

The event was held in the Aotea Centre in Auckland so any wayfinding had to be semi-permanent. We set up window and floor vinyls and plywood a-boards to drive attendees inside and brighten up the buildings exterior.

Copy used the ‘IN’ branding throughout.

Branded items.

Anything from the catering teams t-shirts to take home bags were designed for the event. All copy was playful and had a link to the overarching identity.

Interior Graphics

We designed areas made from free-standing plywood boards to be set up around the catering areas of the event.

These were designed to be informal areas for attendees to relax, network with others and eat.