2019 Cultural trends

What’s happening in the world affects everything from the way people think to what they do, they buy, their hobbies and even their career choices. I believe that as a designer, it’s important to understand these trends, as it influences the creative we produce for our clients and makes it more effective when engaging with customers if we understand their current mindset.

Here’s just a few of the cultural trends affecting people around the world this season.

It’s all about Global vs Local

There’s starting to be a backlash against globalisation in many countries, borders are tightening and ‘nationalism’ is growing. Consumers are wanting to live and shop more locally and build meaningful communities.

Small Business Saturday is a hugely popular day in the UK with people wanting to buy from business owners they trust. Shopping experiences become more enjoyable when knowing where the products come from and the people behind them.

Nike celebrated all corners of London with its 2018 campaign ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ which is all about identity, locality and living in the city. It uses real people from the capital and oozes authentic London street culture.

Wellness and balance is mainstream.

More and more people are becoming increasingly mindful of how much they are consuming. Plastic pollution in the oceans hit the headlines in 2018 and the 2019 Extinction rebellion protests have really fired up debates about how we live our lives.

Most of the UK’s major supermarket chains have signed up to the UK Plastics Pact, which launched in April 2018. Led by sustainability experts WRAP, it aims to tackle plastic waste by bringing together businesses, UK governments and NGOs.


There is now a growing challenge to the belief that ‘The Good Life’ is dependent on how much ‘stuff’ you have. All generations no longer see owning things as a marker of success. The Millennial generation in particular are known for wanting experience over things because they saw the pain that the financial crash caused their parents and grandparents.

Our relationship with technology.

There’s been a global backlash against the main social media companies for not properly policing explicit content and having negative affects on mental health. Many companies are starting to focus their marketing spend on new platforms or finding new ways to resonate with the savvy social user of today.

Taco Bell used engaging content to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and promote their brand. They ‘launched a sponsored lens campaign that turned consumers’ heads into a giant taco shell: resulting in 224 million views in a day.’


We’re having to find ways to balance mindful living and using the technology we are so dependent on these days.

What we eat and where it comes from.

Where our food comes from and how good it is for us is oh so important these days. Vegan menus are in many big chain restaurants now and The Good Food Guide featured a list of restaurants with vegan menus for the first time this year.

Silo restaurant in Brighton has no bins: everything is composted and returned to the growers and is part of the sustainable eating movement sweeping across the UK.

I regularly keep up to date with trends, so if this is something of interest to you, please get in touch to find out more.

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