privacy policy

If you’re reading this you found our website somehow.  We don’t harvest or collect email addresses from website visitors. If you don’t contact us and give us your email, we don’t have your details.


If you contact us with an enquiry about the services we offer we will only hold your contact information whilst dealing with your enquiry. If you do not become one of our clients we do not retain any of your contact details. If you do become one of our clients we will hold your contact details for the purpose of conducting business between us. We do not share this information with third parties.

Our services are designed to be business to business. We are not a hard sell or cold calling based organisation but prefer to build long-term relationships with satisfied clients.

Your data

We do not sell or exchange the data we hold with organisations who may want to sell you something or use your data for research or other purposes and aren’t planning to do so.

Your information/advice is held in the strictest confidence. We only use mainstream software and we use the most secure login options available to us.